CD Auction Launches Dealer-to-Dealer Business Platform


CD Auction Group launched Vehicle Tradex, a dealer-to-dealer trading platform in January.

Dealers looking to sell vehicles may choose to list the vehicle from their own forecourt, and an independent inspector will assess and image the vehicle within 48 hours.

Sellers may also decide to send the vehicle to a CD auction site where it will be cleaned, inspected and imaged before the sale. Suppliers are offered 28 days of free storage.

Andy Pearce, Director of Operations at CD Auction Group, said: “CD Auction Group is an expert in digital remarketing and pioneered online auctions in the UK. The new Vehicle Tradex platform is designed around the needs of dealers and provides a secure and easy way to manage used car programs. We have worked closely with dealers to ensure it meets the needs of a rapidly changing market.

“All Vehicle Tradex cars and vans are independently inspected by Techinspect. As a result, the seller is indemnified against any damage visible, not picked up or declared on inspection. Buyers know that every vehicle undergoes a thorough, independent third-party inspection, which means there are no nasty surprises due to inaccurate descriptions.

Vehicle Tradex has no subscription fees and offers a fully managed service where an experienced team takes care of everything from payments to transportation.

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